I took the grant writing class and was amazed at how much I learned. I thought I was just learning to write but I also learned how to be a better researcher, a better organizer, and improved my network. This class has been a positive revelation in my life and has motivated me to new heights. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to write grants or needs someone to write them. 

Coy H.

Hardy Brothers Foundation

OMG. Thank you Jenerous Solutions for everything you have done for G.O.A.T. I know this is just the beginning! If you're looking for a great grant writer, she is the one for the job!

Kelvin P.

Giving Ambition To Others

This is great Company that takes pride in there work and has great integrity for a growing Company. I recommend anyone to this professional, experienced, and knowledgeable young lady Jenifer. Everyone please check out there website and there services you want regret working with this great Company.

Demetris J.

MJD Absolute Touch, LLC.

Before reaching out to Knowledge Way I had run into brick wall after brick wall trying to improve my organization. She was very helpful, informative and detailed on the steps needed on improving the organization. She not only offered her services but recommended other services that also could help. Truly a blessing!!!! Highly recommend her!

Kanesha W.

Johnson Memorial Cemetery

I am beyond excited with my new networking opportunity! I had a fire under me to get my business moving but in the brief time of connecting with Knowledge Way, it has really turned it up a notch! Thanks again! 

Vanetta S.


I will like to say that this class is well worth the time out of your day. I highly recommend people who are interested in writing grants take this class. I am really motivated to get started on the long process of a proposal I must write. Thanks again for the knowledge and time that you have poured into me. 

Alton P.

Dedicated Dads of Arkansas

The sure path to community service and development.

Joseph C.


I know for a fact that Knowledge Way can help, the creator, along with help from others, recently helped UALR receive a grant for child care services. I know this is going to be very informative and beneficial.

Damian B.


I can appreciate the  introduction to Grant Writing. Knowledge is POWER!! It was Great!! Can't wait to see how you impact lives and Grow as you help others.



What type of grants to apply for and how to set up the format on how to do so. I was just impressed with all the knowledge was given. All was helpful.



Jen gave an amazing tutorial for someone like me who is a huge novice into grant writing. She provides examples, templates, feedback and the class was easy to follow and understand. I even gained additional knowledge on 501c3 in relation to grants! The wealth of knowledge, education and expertise she provided is invaluable, she is truly an asset in understanding the grant writing process. I would highly recommend her class and other services offered, I will definitely be investing in any future opportunities and classes. The timing and subjects covered were all excellent. The class itself offered more than I could have even hoped for. Keep up the amazing work. 



And many more!